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Web shop development

Budget friendly premium e-commerce solution

Your partner in web shop development and growth

Sell Digital is an e-commerce platform that allows businesses with limited budgets to build a web shop that won't hinder the growth of their online operations.

Sell Digital doesn't just offer a platform, but also consulting and education services. If you're a complete beginner, we'll help you master all aspects of online commerce.

Who is Sell Digital intended for?

Sell Digital is primarily intended for merchants or manufacturers who have not been present on the internet so far, and want to try web sales without large initial investments.

Sell Digital is also intended for existing web merchants who are not satisfied with their outdated, unreliable, or slow web shop.

Web shop development

Sell Digital is an online platform for creating and operating web shops, including content and product management, order processing, delivery integration, payment options, and invoicing with fiscalization.

Application of proven practices in user interface design

When creating a web shop, there is no room for experimenting with design. Instead, one should follow recommendations that have proven optimal in research and contributed to higher conversion, and thus higher sales.

Sell Digital incorporates recommendations from the Baymard Institute, which studies the online user experiences of e-commerce solutions.

Compliance with European legislation

Privacy policy, cookies, mandatory web shop content, and legal texts are in compliance with the laws. With the platform, you get generic purchase terms that apply to all merchants, which you can modify to suit your specific needs.

Webshop development

Speed and reliability of the platform

The Sell Digital platform is built on scalable Amazon Web Services infrastructure that ensures speed, reliability, and optimal availability of media content anywhere in the world.

Media content, images, and documents are located on the AWS content delivery network, so there is no need for external CDN services.

Excellent customer support

Consultation on all aspects of the web shop, before and during operation.

Education and user support for the correct use of the web shop's administrative interface.

Monitoring and resolving technical issues that may occur in communication with third-party services (e.g., payment gateway).



  • Simple or variable with e.g. colors, sizes...
  • Each variant of a variable product can change the image, description, title, or any parameter
  • Can belong to one or more hierarchically organized categories
  • Arbitrary descriptive or filterable attributes
  • Associated products for cross sell
  • Info texts (e.g. size charts)
  • API for synchronizing prices and stocks with the business system 


  • Change of order status, dispatch
  • Possibility of multiple dispatches in one order
  • Recording of payments, completion of card payments, refund of payments
  • The ordering process is in two steps to prevent errors (the first email sent to the customer is the order confirmation, the second email is the confirmation of the possibility of executing the order - the moment of contract conclusion)
  • Order activity history
  • Issuing invoices with fiscalization
  • API for downloading orders into the business system 


  • Cash on delivery
  • Bank transfer (2D barcode)
  • Credit cards (one-time and installment), PayPal, KEKS Pay, Aircash, Google Pay (these methods are negotiated with the WSPay payment service provider according to the price list)
  • Option to choose between automatic card payment (charge immediately) or with fund reservation and subsequent payment completion (subsequent card charge)


  • Defining delivery zones by country and postal code
  • Free delivery or free delivery with a purchase threshold
  • Flat rate delivery
  • Conditional delivery price depending on the weight or value of the order
  • Pickup in store
  • Option to choose a delivery service

Legal compliance

  • Correctly implemented cookie notice
  • Compliance with GDPR and the Electronic Communications Act
  • Legal texts - The Sell Digital platform brings you generic Privacy Policy and General Terms texts that you can change and adapt to your business
  • Implemented notices that regulate laws and other regulations in the field of internet trading
  • Adapted to Croatian and EU regulations


  • Metadata for products, categories, articles, and pages
  • Excellent technical SEO
  • Schema markup for frequently asked questions, products, and breadcrumb
  • URL redirections
  • Landing pages
  • Google Core web vitals pass rate
  • XML sitemap


  • Discount coupons
  • Products on sale
  • Easy banner change
  • Wishlist
  • Customer export for newsletter
  • GA4 e-commerce events
  • Dynamic remarketing (Google data feed)

Transparent pricing

Initial Setup Cost

from 4,990.00 EUR

What can increase the above price?

Integration of the business system (ERP) will surely increase the base price. The price of ERP integration starts at 990.00 EUR. The price can also be increased by additional requirements for functionalities not listed among the features, as well as different procedures for importing products from various business systems or e-commerce applications.

Monthly Fee

Small Medium Large
69 EUR 139 EUR 199 EUR
Max. number of products1) 100 2,500 5,000
Issuing invoices
Invoice fiscalization n/a
WSPay card payment
(Cards, PayPal, KEKS Pay, Aircash, Google Pay)
Viva Wallet card payment
(Cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay)
API (ERP integration) n/a + 49 EUR / month + 49 EUR / month
Support 1 hour / month 2 hours / month 3 hours / month
1) each variant is a product
2) VAT is not included in the price

How to get started?

Contact us!

We will answer all the questions that we were not able to answer on this website.

Together, we will assess whether this platform suits you. We will show you our starting design templates, and you will decide if you can find the beginnings of your online store in them.