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Our story

Play Digital, a web development company, was founded in 2018 by Augustin Ravnić, Tomislav Čubrić, and Danijel Marić. Although we had been involved in numerous projects together since 2009, the process of establishing our own company required a transition from existing business environments.

The beginning of our adventure was filled with work on various projects in the fields of graphic design, web design, and programming. In these early stages, WordPress served as our key platform for web development, enabling us to create high-quality websites for various companies and institutions. Our unique value was in the development and implementation of original, authorial WordPress themes that stood out from standard market solutions.

However, as our vision evolved, so did our projects become more complex. We started working on ambitious e-commerce projects where a higher level of control and flexibility was required. This prompted us to develop our own content management system, our CMS.

From 2019 to 2021, with the help of an EU project, we shaped this CMS into something big - Sell Digital, a SaaS platform that provides users with everything for creating and running a web store

One of our first and strategically important products is also Sell Digital eTicketing, a specialized system for online ticket sales.

In addition, we are extremely proud of our Apartmanica, a SaaS platform specialized for quick and easy website creation for renters.

The strategic approach of our company is based on several key components:

Focus on user experience

We prioritize user experience over current design trends.

Agile development

It allows us to continuously adapt our products to user needs and market dynamics.

Security and compliance

Compliance with regulations, with a special emphasis on e-commerce and personal data protection.


It's a fundamental premise of each of our products considering the potential growth of our client base.

We are proud of everything we have achieved and all our clients who have trusted us - from national parks to institutions, associations, and trading companies. Each collaboration is an acknowledgment of our continuous improvement and confirmation that we provide value to our partners.

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