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Platform for online sales and control of tickets for parks, attractions, and events

Sell Digital eTicketing is a platform specialized for online ticket sales that can be integrated with existing on-site ticket issuing systems, but can also operate independently.

Solution for online ticket sales

Who is eTicketing intended for?

Sell Digital eTicketing is tailored for national parks, nature parks, the entertainment industry, various cultural-historical attractions, museums, and other entities that charge for entry, and so far have made payments exclusively through the traditional channel - via a physical cash register at the entrance.

Key advantages

Time saving and efficiency increase

It reduces waiting time in line for ticket purchase, contributing to the comfort and satisfaction of visitors, which results in direct revenue growth.

Cost reduction

It eliminates the costs of printing, distribution, and storage of traditional paper tickets, reducing overall business costs.

Workforce optimization

It reduces the need for additional ticket sales staff, which can lead to cost reductions and increased business efficiency.

Better planning and capacity management

Real-time ticket sales tracking facilitates visitor traffic planning, park capacity management, and workforce organization, thereby improving the visitor experience.

Flexibility and adaptability

The ability to define different types of sales, pricing seasons, capacity restrictions, and payment methods, providing adaptability for various needs and business models.

Security and control

The platform uses a unique QR code for each ticket, which is used to verify ticket authenticity, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring the accuracy of visitor data.

Improved data analysis

The ability to collect and analyze data on sales, visitors, and behavior can assist in making informed decisions and improving business operations.

Environmental sustainability

Instead of printed tickets, tickets are delivered to the visitor's email, reducing the consumption of paper and ink and reducing the carbon footprint of the business, thereby contributing to environmental preservation.

Sales organization

The ability to define various tourist products (e.g., Castle tour, Escape Room, Castle tour + Escape Room, etc.)

The ability to define different items within a single product (adults, children, students, retirees, etc.)

The ability to sell one or more slots per day

The ability to define different pricing seasons

The ability to limit the maximum number of people per slot

The ability to limit the maximum number of purchases per slot

Invoicing & billing

Automatic issuance of fiscalized invoices immediately upon purchase

Card payment is possible through the WSPay service (which is contracted with the Monri Payments company) or through the Viva Wallet payment processor

Review of all invoices, export of invoices by month in CSV format for accounting needs

Monitoring & reporting

Native Android mobile application for ticket verification on-site by scanning the QR code on each ticket; possibility of individual and group scanning of tickets that are part of a joint purchase

Possibility of multiple employees checking tickets in the field, the system records each ticket cancellation by employee

Tracking ticket control activities within the back office

Overview of all terms within the back office with data on the number of tickets sold and the available quantity

Overview of orders with the possibility of cancelling the order, reversing the invoice, and refunding the card payment

Transparent pricing

Initial Setup Cost

2,990.00 EUR
Monthly Fee 150 EUR
Invoice Issuance
Invoice Fiscalization
WSPay Card Payment
(Cards, PayPal, KEKS Pay, Aircash, Google Pay)
Viva Wallet Card Payment
(Cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay)
Mobile Application (Android) for Ticket Control
1) VAT not included
2) All prices shown in € are calculated at a fixed conversion rate of 1 € = 7.53450 kn
3) The monthly maintenance fee applies to transaction volumes up to €10,000.00 per month. For volumes exceeding this amount, the monthly maintenance fee is individually negotiated.

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