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Brijuni Pocket Guide

Discover the Wonders of Brijuni with Our Ultimate Pocket Guide

The Brijuni Pocket Guide is the perfect companion for travelers who want to explore the stunning beauty and rich history of this beautiful Croatian archipelago.

Full of insider tips, must-see attractions and practical information, our guide will ensure an unforgettable experience on the Brijuni Islands.

What’s included

Mobile application design according to visual standards

Adapting to visual standards, we created the design of the application with the aim of providing its users with the simplest and most intuitive experience of use.

Made for Google Android and Apple iOS devices, translated into 8 languages

The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices and is available in eight languages, which enables users from different parts of the world to enjoy its benefits.

Easily browse waypoints and create your own routes

The app offers an intuitive overview of points of interest and allows users to create their own routes, allowing them to personalize their experience of exploring Brijuni.

Scan QR code to locations to load information faster

Through the app, users can scan QR codes at specific locations to access relevant information faster, thus optimizing the user experience.

Each point contains a sound video and a photo gallery

For each point of interest in the Brijuni Pocket Guide application, users have access to a sound video and photo gallery, offering a rich visual and auditory experience.

The most important service information and frequently asked questions at your fingertips

The app also contains the most important service information and answers to frequently asked questions, providing users with all the information they need in one place.

Mobile application as a pocket guide

Brijuni National Park, as a popular tourist destination, faced challenges that affected the visitor experience.

The first problem was that visitors had a hard time finding certain points of interest within the park. Another challenge was the organization of guides in different languages, which was sometimes challenging due to the lack of manpower.

The park's target group is all visitors who want to explore the park more deeply and find out more information.

Mobile Guides platform

To solve the above-mentioned challenges, we developed a mobile application as a pocket guide through Brijuni National Park. The application, developed on our Mobile Guides platform using React Native, has various features that enhance the user experience.

This includes the display of the most important localities, the possibility of personalized tours, navigation to all points of interest, service information, the ability to scan the QR code at certain localities for quick access to information, a gallery of images of each point, a sound recording of each point and a detailed description of each location in 8 languages.

Excellent feedback from visitors

Since its launch, the application has been well received by users, achieving high ratings and reaching over 10,000 downloads per year.

In addition to the primary function of facilitating navigation for everyone who wants to explore the island of Veliki Brijun in their own arrangement, the application has also become a useful tool for guides, serving as a reminder and a source of accurate information at all times.

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