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Dubrovnik City Walls

Easier access to the Dubrovnik Walls by selling tickets online

For the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities, we provided a webshop for ticket sales and integrated it with the offline solution of RAO company.

In addition to the crown jewel, the world-famous Walls of Dubrovnik, within the platform itself it is possible to buy tickets for several less well-known, but no less historically significant locations, such as the Walls of Ston, the Duke's Palace in Slano, etc.

What’s included

Online ticket sales

We developed an eTicketing solution with real-time integration with the RAO d.o.o. ticketing system, which eliminated the long queue in front of the office.

Consolidated sales for multiple locations

As part of the web shop, we have enabled the sale of tickets for all commercial locations managed by the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities.

Built-in user compartment

We have enabled registration for agencies that need to periodically repeat purchases, in order to make the purchase process as fast as possible and access to the account as easy as possible.

CorvusPay card payment

For the implementation of the payment system at this client, Corvus Pay was selected, and in addition to the classic form redirection, additional background status checks were implemented.

Simplified purchase of tickets for cruise ship guests

Using our webshop system, we have implemented an online platform for ticket sales that is integrated with the previous system of RAO d.o.o.

This integration made it possible to quickly and easily buy tickets online, with the possibility of paying by credit card, which is especially evident in the case of a sudden influx of guests to Dubrovnik from cruise ships.

We have also created a user box for travel agencies, allowing them to easily track their order history and make transactions faster without having to re-enter basic data.

Increased visibility of other localities with quick control via QR code

In addition to making simple online purchases possible, the visibility of other locations managed by the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities has also increased.

Visitors can now, in addition to tickets for the walls of Dubrovnik, also buy tickets for other localities under the authority of the company.

Customers and agencies have responded very positively to the new platform, praising the ability to pay quickly by credit card and easy access to tickets via QR code.

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