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Ritoša Trgovine

Upgraded Webshop of Leading Croatian Firearms and Hunting Equipment Store

The webshop is integrated with Pantheon®, an accounting system that automatically updates prices on the website.

This integration ensures the accuracy and immediacy of prices, thereby improving the shopping experience and business efficiency.

Sell Digital system for creating online stores

To improve its online presence, Ritoša Trgovine d.o.o. has renovated its existing website. The renovation project was carried out using our Sell Digital platform, with the integration of the Section CMS system, which facilitates the updating and management of the website's content.

This renovation not only enhances the management of the website but also provides customers with an improved user experience, featuring a diverse range of products on a modernized and more accessible interface.

Pantheon® Integration - Correct Prices at Every Moment

The integration with the Pantheon® system is a crucial step for Ritoša Trgovine d.o.o. in ensuring real-time price accuracy on its renewed website. This advanced integration allows for automatic price updates, ensuring that the information displayed to customers is always current and precise.

By using the Pantheon® system, Ritoša Trgovine d.o.o. can now manage prices more efficiently, avoiding potential errors in manual entry and enhancing customer satisfaction through reliable and updated data. This technology brings significant benefits in speed and accuracy, which is essential for competitiveness in the digital trading environment.

Product import from WooCommerce

To facilitate the smooth transition of data from the WordPress WooCommerce platform, which no longer met the growing needs of the client in terms of functionality and support, we developed procedures for the complete transfer of products, categories, descriptions, tags, attributes, and photographs. This ensured a seamless transition for the client.

During the data transfer, we paid special attention to maintaining the current position of the webshop on Google. This involved aligning the old URLs of each individual category and product with the URLs in the Sell Digital system, to ensure that the website's search engine ranking remained unchanged.

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