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Aquarium Pula

Websites with online ticket sales

By completely redesigning the website and integrating our eTicketing solution, we have simplified the process of buying tickets for visitors and providing information about hundreds of species of fish from the northern and southern Adriatic and numerous species from tropical marine and fresh waters.

What’s included

Section CMS

A simple but very powerful CMS system that allows you to edit, add and delete pages and the entire content.

Multilingual website

The website supports multilingualism, for now in Croatian and English. Adding each additional language is very easy.

Application for checking tickets

Each ticket is canceled by scanning the barcode using a self-developed Android application. Simultaneous scanning on multiple inputs supported.

Main goal - Redesign and online shopping

Aquarium Pula had an outdated website that did not meet modern standards either visually or functionally.

Languages were a particular problem, where when switching to another language the page often did not exist or was difficult to find.

In addition, there was no possibility to buy tickets online, which was a big disadvantage. The goal was to create a completely new website with online ticketing functionality.

Implemented Sell Digital eTicketing system

The eTicketing system enables easy and efficient online ticket sales, while the Section CMS enables flexible page creation and digital content management.

In addition, we have implemented an application for canceling online tickets, further improving the user experience.

The redesign and introduction of the shop improved the user experience

After the redesign and implementation of new functionalities, Aquarium Pula got a modern, attractive website that invites users to take action - buy tickets online.

The new design and functionalities were well received, and users especially reacted positively to the simplicity and efficiency of the new option for buying tickets online.

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