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Digital renaissance of a park of unique beauty

We carried out a complete redesign of the web pages, with the previous design of the logo and the entire visual identity.

As part of the project, we also created a webshop for ticket sales, and its integration with entrance ramps and automation of entry by scanning vehicle license plates significantly accelerated entry and reduced crowds.

What’s included

Refreshed logo and visual identity

With a new, fresh and livelier visual identity, Kamenjak now radiates more cheerfulness, communicates better with the public and invites visitors to discover its natural beauty

Modern website design

The new design of the Kamenjak website, created on the basis of a renewed visual identity, provides an intuitive and attractive user experience, and conveys the freshness and cheerfulness of the destination.

Webshop for online purchase of tickets

In addition to the website, we also implemented a webshop for buying tickets online, allowing visitors quick and easy access to this beautiful nature reserve

Integration with entrance ramps and surveillance system

With each purchase, a registration tag is entered, which is then automatically loaded at the entrance and enables faster entry by vehicle

Website redesign with a new visual identity

The old site was outdated and was not adapted for display on different devices, it was modernised in order to be more attractive and efficient in communication with visitors.

As part of the redesign, a new, fresh logo was created, which better fits the modern look of the website and communicates the institution's mission more efficiently.

The new visual identity is consistent, modern and visually appealing, thus improving the impression that the Kamenjak Public Institution leaves on its visitors and users.

Improved sales process with faster entry of vehicles

In addition to the redesign, a key factor in the digital renaissance of JU Kamenjak was the development of a web shop for online ticket sales. This was of particular importance during the high tourist season, when the entrances to the park were jammed with vehicles waiting to buy tickets.

By integrating this system with Poretti's ramps and surveillance system, guests who purchased tickets online and entered their vehicle's license plate number at the time of purchase were able to enter the park smoothly using the express entrance.

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