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HUT - Hunting & Fishing

From now on, buy hunting and fishing equipment - online

For the most famous store of hunting and fishing equipment in Istria, we created a completely new website through our Sell Digital platform.

In this way, we improved the user experience, simplified the ordering process, but also expanded the market to the whole of Croatia.

Expanding your market to the online space

The company HUT d.o.o., specializing in the sale of hunting and fishing equipment, faced the challenge of a limited local market.

Until then, they sold their products exclusively through a physical store located in Istria, which significantly limited their potential market reach. They did not have a functional website that would allow them to sell in a wider area.

This created a need for digital transformation to expand their market into the online space.

Sell Digital system for creating online stores

With the aim of expanding its market to the whole of Croatia, HUT d.o.o. decided to create an online store. Our Sell Digital system was used to set up an online store with an integrated Section CMS system that enables easy content editing.

This approach provided flexibility and simplicity to manage the online store, but also allowed the company to provide its customers with a wide range of products in one place.

Satisfaction of new and existing customers

By opening an online store, HUT d.o.o. has managed to significantly expand its market. Now they are able to sell their products throughout Croatia, not just locally in Istria.

This opened up new opportunities for the growth and development of the company. Even their existing customers showed great satisfaction with the new online store, which further confirmed the success of this project.

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